Thursday, September 18, 2008

It tugs at your heart...

I spent most of last night looking at pictures being passed around between friends and family that were taken down in Cameron Parish. Wow. Water does considerable damage. And there was a lot of water down there! It's like Rita all over again. While we don't have to fuss and fight with downed power lines and down trees, and things blown around, we now have to deal with the water damage and the things the water pushed around.

Boats are in streets. Houses are in streets. Vehicles are in streets. The destruction is amazing. Mother Nature's wrath.. better get out her way!

My heart just aches for the people going through this again. The water will recede and in it's place will be left the marsh mud (which stinks to high heaven!) and grasses and debris and fish and crabs and alligators, and any other critter in the water or on the land. Left behind for these people to clean up before they can start making repairs to homes.

I remember that feeling that the hole was too deep to dig myself out of. No hope. The recovery time line was just too long for me to see an end. The work you knew you would have to do to get it cleaned up.. then the repairs.. not to mention the every day life things that never seem to stop: Your JOB that you must do in order to continue making money to repair things and support your family, the cooking and cleaning, the grocery shopping, the errands, the kids things... the bills (oh yah, they still keep coming!). Life itself takes 24 hours.. remember before the storm you didn' thave time to do all these things... Well.. if you thought you were short on time then... just wait!

Every muscle in my body hurt. Every inch of me. I was exhausted mentally and physicially. You get depressed. You feel alone. You feel left behind while the world continues to spin for everyone else.

Little by little you pick up the pieces, clean up the land, remove the debris, sort through things, try your best to get back to your old self/schedule... it just takes time. What else do you have? You've just lost everything.

They will move on.. they will rebuild... the people of Southwest Louisiana are strong. They want to move on.. they want to get back to living.

Keep them in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog has made me appreciate the reality of how a hurricane affects people's lives. I will be praying.


Heather said...

We're going through this in our area right now too after June's terrible floods. They're saying that it will be 7 years before the city has some semblance of normalcy again. 7 years is a LONG time!

We are 20 minutes away from the city, but it breaks my heart to go there now and see so many historical landmarks completely destroyed.

Rachel said...

Thank you, Susan. Yes, long after the world stops talking about Hurricane Ike the people will still be picking up the pieces. These are real people.. with real homes and real families.. and real lives.


My husband said it would take 5 years before our town got back to "normal" after Rita. Well..Ike came 3 years later.. so now we are further behind. It never goes back to how it was.. it's different.. very different... it's a sudden change that you are forced to follow.. not a slowly progression had years gone by and change was made slowly.

Life... crazy thing it is!