Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Monday

Time to get back into the swing of things that was working so well before the hurricanes. I really like having a planned menu. It takes much stress off of me and it's a done deal. I ask for ideas for meals before shopping so everyone has input and there is less complaining from the peanut gallery. The order is subject to change!

Monday - Cheeseburger pie (no crust or top), green salad/brocolli salad.

Tuesday - Pepper steak - I leave out the tomatoes; I add carrots to it; put pineapple on the bar if anyone wants to add some to it.

Wednesday - chicken chow mein over rice, egg drop soup.

Thursday - Oven baked ribs, macaroni salad.

Friday - Homemade pizza!


Heather said...

We love cheeseburger pie! Yummy! The kids find it fascinating, since it has no crust.

Cajunchic said...

How do you make your cheeseburger pie?

My son would drool over your ribs. That is his favorite thing to eat.