Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My life is one timer after another

Technology is wonderful, is it not? My life is filled with timers, or so it seems.

I wake up to music every morning. That dreadful beeping sends me racing around the house with my heart about to beat right out of my chest and my brain is thinking the fire alarm is going off. I always wake to the music. Actually, I wake to that little click the clock does when the music alarm is turning on.

I have an alarm to go off on my cell phone when it's 5 minutes before time to leave to bring Sarah to school. That way I have time to wrap up things for work, bathroom, grab some coffee, etc, before I head out the door.

I then have an alarm to go off on my cell when it's time to leave. Child.MUST.NOT.BE.LATE!

I usually set the timer on the microwave for foods. Sometimes, if I have several things going at once I will have several timers. They have magnetic strips on the back, so I stick them on whatever appliance they are being used for. Just remember, timer stuck on crockpot get very hot!

Then there is the timer to tell me to go pick up my child. Yes, I get so busy at work that I must set a timer to remind me.

Back at home I will sometimes set the timer when I clean so I don't get sidetracked. I do a 15 minute project daily (okay, so I TRY to do one) and if I don't set that timer I will get so sidetracked.

I set the timers when cooking supper at night too.

On Wednesdays the kids have CCD. Yup, another timer there too. I really need to set one to go pick them up so I don't forget.

If I excercise, I most definitely set that timer LOL

Then I do a mental timer when I read in bed.. that usually works out to about 30 minutes.

My life is a busy one lead by music, melodies, tones, beeps and buzzes.


Heather said...

Mine too! I actually shut the computer completely down yesterday afternoon, because I was sick of listening to that little "bing-bong" noise every time an e-mail came in.

Lucy Stern said...

I had no clock, other than my watch, and certainly no timers during the time just after the hurricane. I didn't miss them at all. Now we have our power back and the clocks are there on the stove, the mantel, in the bedroom and elsewhere. Time, time, time, there is a time for everything.

Shannon said...

Timers. Don't I know it. Ugh.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Oh, and sorry- I just noticed I didn't have you on my blogroll! Thought I did that!