Friday, September 05, 2008

******NEWS FLASH****

OH! I am so happy! I found the recipe I have been looking for. I was sitting at the computer trying to remember where in the heck I had seen a recipe for hashbrowns when suddenly I remember thinking how nice it would be to wake up to breakfast. IN.THE.CROCKPOT.!

And here is the recipe I have been wanting to try!

I'll have to get some more cheese - we've used it up. I'll need to get some more breakfast sausage - I ate it yesterday when I made my own egg casserole for supper (and it was super yummy if i do say so myself!). I must get milk - Baby Huey (Son) is OUT. The world will cease to exist as we know it if they boy does not have his milk.

But I am glad I found it. I have been wanting to find something to make for Sunday mornings when we wake up and are getting ready for church. I really need to start making Sunday's crockpot days and let it cook while we are at church.

NOW, I'm off to bed :)

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