Thursday, September 04, 2008

now, where was that?

I remember making a menu a few weeks ago and wanting to try a new recipe. It had hasbrowns in it. I have them in the freezer. I remember it was a HUGE bag of them and I had to go back to the freezer section - I almost forgot them. And now I cannot remember what recipe I wanted to make using them! ARGH!

I looked on Hillbilly Housewife- I still think it's from there, but cannot find it. Maybe I will find the scratch paper I wrote it on.. cause I remember writing down next to "hashbrowns" the recipe I wanted to make because I knew I would forget where to look for it AND I WAS RIGHT!!

I have the weekend off and plan to lounge and maybe do some cooking. I'm so ready for fall so I can do some bulk cooking. I'm wanting to have my freezer full of meals by the holidaze so I can have less stress for meal time.

I also need to cook what's in my freezer. Next week I will probably base my menu off of what we have in there. I totally forget. I use to make a master list and check things off as I used them. Then other started cooking and pretty soon nobody was checking things off. Really frustrating.

Okay, time to check my thrown together from memory casserole. I have been so hungry for egg/cheese/breakfast sausage casserole. MMM.. smells so good. I'm starving.


shannon said...

I have a great breakfast casserole recipe on my blog under recipes using hash browns if you still need one!

shannon said...

oops. the recipe actually uses tater tots, but hey- I invented the recipe, so I say go ahead and use the hasbrowns! Haha!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Shannon. I"m still hunting that scrap paper jotted down the "where i got the recipe from". GRRR.. I'm sure I tossed it in the recycling and it's long gone now. Blah!