Saturday, September 06, 2008


Each year I try to get more organized. I concentrate on that one thing until it becomes a habit slowly but surely. I really need to pick up the pace some. I have lots of areas I need to organize.

I'm watching Hurricane Ike and will be loading up my food box this weekend. I'll be getting teh laundry caught up and will get things packed. My list is ready and in my home binder. It sure helps things run much smoother.

I made my menu for the week, but thinking I really should use up what's in the freezer before Ike gets too close. Those savings on groceries could come in handy for travel expenses. Will have to discuss with my hunny on his thoughts about this.

Tomorrow I will post my packing list and my food box list.

From those that I have heard from after Gustav... they all seemed to do well! No major damage; mostly power outtages. yeah!

I went to get a label maker. I don't like the prices. EGADS! I'm not giving up. I have a few more places to look.

I'm off to dream land.. i'm pooped!

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