Thursday, September 11, 2008

Round 2

At this point we are staying. We seem to be far enough East of the storm to be out of harms way. Our town may be without power for a few days, but we have provisions for that.

I have come to discover a few things:

1. It does not hurt to be prepared at all times. Many people laughed at me and rolled their eyes for my preperations. Now? They are running to the store and finding shelves empty. I am at home.. totally ready! Just need to pack truck with our stuff.

2. As a mother, how could I not be prepared? I was so tired of hearing people on the internet talk about the mother in New Orleans walking around with her starving baby and how it just ripped their hearts out. BE PREPARED. We now have technology to tell us these things are going to happen. BE PREPARED.

3. My list for hurricane packing/evacuating has been passed to several people. I'm glad to see it helping. My list thinks so I don't have to!

4. Not only should you have a plan for staying/leaving .. you really need to have an extended family plan. I always call and find out where everyone is going. Seems we are all over the place. Trying to secure a place last minute is not a good thing. It adds stress. We need to have an extended family plan so we will either know where everyone is.. or all go someplace together.

The story of Little Red Hen has been on my mind lately... I am her. Which one are you?

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Sheri said...

My mom and kids are headed to Mississippi...I'll be hunkering down at the police department.

Good Luck-and be safe!