Friday, September 12, 2008

So much fun I cannot stand it!

I am very blessed to be married to the wonderful husband I have. He is a survivalist. Not that he loves these kind of things.. but he does very well in stressful situations and feels very comfortable with what we are about to go thru. That puts me at such ease. He came back the next day after Rita. He knows what its all about. He is well prepared and has a game plan. If anything, I hope with all this our children will learn how important it is to be prepared for any type of emergency, know what to pack/how to pack, and know how to survive in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Not that I EVER want them to go thru this ever again.. but you can never be too prepared.

We have food, water and other necessary provisions.

I have contacted family and friends and found out where they will be.

The kids have packed.

We have packed.

We'll be staying at my mother in law's for the storm. After it passes we will come home.

Rich will get the lanterns in storage today and some ice.

I have to bring computer to office soon.

Load some things for safe keeping.


Pick up a friend.

Head to my mother in laws.

I am tired. I slept pretty hard last night considering the wind has already started blowing at a constant speed and then it kinda gusts. And.. well.. I don't like wind! But I do feel we are safe and I am very glad we will all be together.

We have learned so much about our family/friends and ourselves these past few evacuations. It really is a test to see if you have it all together as well as you think you do. I'm feeling pretty confident. If we lose power.. I just hope it comes back up quickly. I don't do well in the heat.

Pray for those that will be affected by the storm.

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Heather said...

Good heavens! You have so much to do. I tagged you for a meme, but I'm guessing you have more important things to worry about right now, huh?