Tuesday, September 23, 2008

supper and xtras

The brocolli salad is YUMMY, and I did a double batch of the cheeseburger pie so now I don't have to cook today! YEAH! I may heat up some corn or do some garlic bread to go with it. Just because it is leftovers does not mean you have to eat it the same way you did before. That's what I call morphing a meal; changing it up or into something different.

I have some oatmeal baking, thanks Heather! I can smell it MMMM

As the cooler weather approaches, I get to itching for baking and cooking and freezing meals. Hopefully my sister and I will be able to get some batch cooking going again for the holidays. That is such a lifesaver. Then I can concentrate on decorating and shopping and perhaps take it easy this year.

I really need to start on my list of Cmas gifts. I'm pretty sure there are some things I can purchase early.. like gift certs. Oho.. .I'm on a roll! Off to get a list started.. and work on food menu for the holidays! I love getting organized. Speaking of.. I'm hoping Heather posts about holiday organizing as the time gets closer... hint, hint!

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Heather said...

Did you like the oatmeal? My husband always thinks it needs more sugar...or ice cream!