Monday, October 27, 2008

In a bit...

I'll post my menu for the week in a bit. It's in my binder in the other room and I really should be working.. but this is on my mind and I gotta get it out! Yes, I am an extrovert.

I have been doing really, really well with cutting back the waste we have with food in the house. I only buy fresh veggies/fruits for the week. If we run out, we move to the canned stuff. No more coming home to find a head of cabbage already in the fridge. I make sure and buy just what I need for my menus.. nothing more... because chances are I am not going to cook it. That's what the menu is for! DUH!

I have chicken boiling on the stove. It's 3 chicken breasts. The kids have requested Heather's Enchiladas again. Funny how 3 breasts can feed us all with leftovers when used in a casserole and if I were to bake the chicken instead, the family would be complaining there was not enough meat. Crazy. So anyway, my chicken is boiling with some salt, pepper, dried onions, and garlic powder. I'd like to debone the chicken, put the bones back in the water, and add carrots, celery and simmer for a bit. Then I'll strain it and freeze it for the broth. MMM.. that just sounds so yummy.

Maybe later in the week I'll get to make Nicole's chicken and dumplins and use up some of that broth. We tend to go through many cans of broth a week and the sodium.. egads! I do buy low sodium.. but still.. I am thinking if I could put some up for myself that would be even better.

Anyone ever do this??? Thanks!


Shannon said...

I do make my own chicken broth quite frequently and after I cool it and skim off the risen fat, I pour it into quart freezer bags and stash them.

About once every other month, I'll buy a turkey- about a 12 pounder, and cook it up. That night we have just sliced roasted turkey with a salad and some veggies, and then I strip the rest of the meat from it, portion it out into freezer bags for meals, and make a huge batch of broth from the carcass. SO for about $11 to $15, I get roughly 6 or 7 meals plus a ton of broth for future cooking/soups.

Anonymous said...

I make chicken stock every time I have a roast chicken - I just put the bones in the crockpot, add a splash of vinegar and cover with water. I leave it on low overnight and then it's ready whenever I want to deal with it the next day.

Jennifer said...

I freeze any left over broth from boiled chicken. Juts let if cool off and then put it in freezer bags.

We also eat a lot of leftovewrs. I nee dot post my menu for this week. I think there are actually 3 days that we wil eat leftovers this week.

Jennifer said...

That should have said "need to post" not needot post. Sorry, I was up all night with TWO sick kids.

Rachel said...

Oh Shannon! Good idea! I knew someone would give me a lighbulb moment :)