Friday, October 10, 2008

Nerdy Friday

Hubby and I are off today. We went out for breakfast and talked about our plan for the day, ways in which we can cut corners on spending, needs, wants, and that being frugal all our lives is paying off.

Today we are taking stock of our cabinets and seeing what we need to replish. We have always had a stash of food on hand, but it was just odds and ends. We are really working hard to have foods on hand to make complete meals. Going thru the hurricanes was a great test run. We are organizing the freezers, sorting thru the canned goods, and will start a good rotational system. I'm armed with my label maker and sharpie!

Life is good!


Heather said...

My kind of fun!

Rachel said...

I knew you would love it, Heather LOL