Monday, October 27, 2008


Thanks so much. I feel so smart right now. My broth is cooling and I"ll have lots to put in the freezer for cooking. I love doing this kinda thing.

Sarah and I finally made it to the grocery store. I need to update my price book. Making progress. Damage this week was 131.00.

I really need to look at my Holiday Binder and get moving. I started out full steam ahead, but it seems to be coming quicker than I'd like.

It's windy and cool. The temp is supposed to be 38 in the morning. Wow!

My satsumas are ready to be picked and the tree is loaded.

The oranges should be next.

Goodnight people!


Heather said...

Rachel, so glad that you guys love the enchiladas!

It's freezing here too, and horribly windy. Last night our power lines went down!

Melanie said...

We picked Satsumas at a grove yesterday. We have a tree but they are terrible!!

Oh and I met Nicole on a wedding planning website years and years ago! We belonged to the same boards for years and kept up with each other. We tried to meet in person a few times, but so far it hasn't happened. Someday!