Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things I want to share with you

There are a lot of things on my mind, some of which I want to share with you today.


If you are worried about the upcoming election, I can give you a powerful tool to help ease your mind. At least for me, when I am actively doing something about whatever it is I am worried about, I tend to feel much better - like I am making progress. Crazy, I know, but it's how I work!

I am Catholic. This is a prayer that was given to me by my husband's aunt. She is a very religious person. Her faith is evident in her everyday walk of life. She is amazing. She figured I would have a few people to share it with on the internet :) Please say this prayer daily until the election. A rosary wouldn't hurt too.

Mary, Refuge of Holy love, intercede for our country with your immaculately-conceived Heart during the upcoming elections. Since you are the Ever-Virgin Mary and Mother of the true God, obtain for us from the Blessed Trinity a president and other elected political leaders who will help the United States become a country of great purity and high morality.

O Sweet Blessed Mother, intercede for us that our next preseident will support life for each individual at every stage, uphold family life, and influence other countries throughout the world to love God above all else and neighbor as self, to serve Him, and to live for Him alone. Time and again you have given us your gracious assistance, and thus we humbly and gratefuly acknowledge you are our Patron.

Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee and all those who do not have recourse to thee!

May our eternal Father shine His light upon our country and the whole world.


Another thing... Years ago I took a course called "How to talk so your kids will listen, and how to listen so your kids will talk." If you EVER get the chance to take this course.. DO IT!! It in no was reflects on you as a parent. In fact, it will help you become a BETTER parent! I think everyone should take this course. I don't see it advertised like it use to be, and that is sad. It use to come home with the kids as a flyer from school. It was offered by a wonderful woman at our local YMCA when I took it. You can check out the books with the same name, but you will be really missing out on something much bigger if you cannot find/take the course. It is amazing! Seriously. The videos, the discussing things with other parents, the work books.. all wonderful tools. I use to have a list of the different things you use on your children. I can no longer find it. I am pretty sure it got tossed out when the hurricane hit our house. (will my life always be defined by that time frame???? ugh!) Anyway... the list use to be online, but I was unable to find it. Instead.. they have a breakdown here.


I still use these tactics.. and well.. they work on adults too! hahaha Check with your local schools/school board and see if there are materials available to check out. Ours had the books, or you could get them at the library. I prefered the vidoes.

If you have taken this, I say THANK YOU AND CONGRATS! If you have not, please check into it! You will learn so much! And let me just say... those teen years are really trying and these tips work. :)

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