Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tools for the job

I have come to realize you need to have the right tools to get the job done. I wouldn't want my husband to work on the vehicles with a butter knife and an ice pick. Why do I try to skimp by on the things *I* need to do a job right?

I bring you, the label maker! I have had so much fun with that thing today. My oldest asked if they were gonna wake up with labels on their foreheads HAHAHAHA

I have lots of rubbermaid tubs with our stuff from when cleaned out our old house from Hurricane Rita. today I went thru several of those tubs and tossed out a lot of stuff. I then seperated the stuff I wanted to keep, put in tubs and appropriately labeled them. What a difference it makes! I instantly know what's in there. Now, hubby can stack them back in storage and I'll be able to find things quickly. Hopefully it won't take me long to go thru the rest of the stuff! This has only been dragging on since. uh... 2005!!! I cannot believe the stuff I have tossed. I know there are lots of tubs with clothes in them. It's all outdated and needs to be tossed. I'm so excited to be making progress.

I organized the laundry room. Looks so much better. It gets out of hand so fast. I'm also making great headway on organizing for the holidays. I printed up some more pages for my CHMB (christmas home management binder). I'll be working on that some later.

Now I need to go organize the bottom cabinets.

So productive!!!


Heather said...

Good for you! You finally got your label maker!

They're so much fun. I love to label stuff! I spent the afternoon organizing all the kids' art supplies into a 7-drawer Rubbermaid cart, and I labeled all the drawers. Now they can find all their stuff. YAY!

Lucy Stern said...

Come on over and help me organize.