Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chop, chop!

I have a mini chopper. VERY mini. I borrowed my MILs Cuisinart food processor tonight. I'm excited. I want to just chop everything in site. I"m going to try what Melanie suggested: chop the veggies for the week and put in freezer. Do it once is my philosophy. Thanks, Melanie.

I am hoping to whip up some chicken salad sandwiches to keep in the freezer. Just take them out and thaw in fridge. MMMM so good. I use to do that when we had our pool. The kids were always starving when they got out and this seemed to be the only think I could make ahead and have it last.

I went to the other grocery store in town as they had a better sale than my normal store. I managed to pick up some paper plates, napkins and cups for Tgiving while they were on sale. I have the sweet potatoes cooking in the oven right now. When done, I"ll wrap them each in a paper towel and store in ziplock bags. The kids love to pop those in the microwave for an after school snack. So this week I spent 56.00~ Whoohoo! And that was including my xtras for Tgiving week. Not too bad.

I am feeling MUCH better. I have been drinking wheat grass every morning and I can tell the difference in my energy. It smells awful - kinda like a crushed vitamin and fish food (not so strong as fish food) I drink mine in apple juice every morning. Rich puts a spoonful in his mouth and then drinks. I'd gag. I gag just thinking of it. Ick.

Speaking of.. Rich will be home later.. so I'm off to get things done so that when he comes home I can spend some time with him :)

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