Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food prepping

I was able to get a lot of food prepped last night.

Rich will smoke turkey today and we will reheat tomorrow.

I got the bacon and onions cooked for my green beans.

I made a cheese ball.

Ground meat with onions is ready for the okra dressing.

Coolwhip defrosting in fridge.

Rolls defrosting in fridge.

I may measure/mix my wet and dry ingredients for my two casseroles from tonight. That way all I have to do is throw together and bake tomorrow.

I really should go bake the apple pie now, since it takes sooo long (1 hour). l can store it in my cake dome thingy.

I just need plastic forks!


Amanda said...

Okra dressing? Like stuffing-dress, or something different? It sounds interesting.

Jennifer said...

I've been doing the same thign today too. I've got my eggs boiled and chopped for my dressign and gravy. Ot the onions and celery chopped. The pumpkin pie and the sweet potato roll is made. Everything else is thawign out and I'm going now to bake the cornbread for the dressing and mix up the sweet potato casserole and stick in in the fridge.

Do you mind sharing the okra dressing recipe?

Heather said...

Rachel, did you use my cheese ball recipe? Just curious.

I'm gonna post the hummus recipe on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!