Friday, November 07, 2008

It's always the case....

I had a zillion things I wanted to get done today; my day off. And? I have gone to the grocery store. That's it. I am feverish, stuffy headed and just tired!

I did manage to save 91.00 at the grocery store. My bill started at 241.00. I had 12.00 in coupons and 79.00 in store card savings! My total came to 150.00! Not too shabby for not having been in 2 weeks. I snagged a few extras for the kiddos and some early tgiving stuff (an apple pie!). Shhh, don't tell them or they will eat it! Kroger had some great sales. A lot of the buy 10 items and save 5.00 had coupons to go with them making for an even bigger savings. I made my list yesterday and matched all the sale items with a coupon. You were limited three 5.00 savings per transaction. After I matched the coupons with the items, I tallied how many items that made. I split the rest of the amount needed on various things that were on sale. I typed up my list according to the isles at the store, put my coupons in my envelope in my coupon binder and away I went. Having the items in order on my shopping list saved me mega time! No back tracking.

I use reusable bags at the grocery store. They really need to give the bag boys lessons in bagging with them. Just because I have 10 bags does not mean I want all 200-dollars-worth of groceries in them! THEY ALL WILL NOT FIT. And don't just cram everything in. It's a bag... just bag it like you do those funky plastic ones. You know.. all the cold stuff together, cleaning things together... shampoo, pads, toothpaste together. I do not want to find my shredded cheese in the bottom of the bag with all my canned goods on top! GRRRR I try to group my items together when I put it on the belt to help them out. LIKE items go together. It's really easy. Honestly.

We are having sammies and potatoe soup using a bag of hashbrowns. Anyone have a similar recipe?? I had the recipe years ago and now I cannot find it. Hashbrowns, broth... just a few other was really good and easy. Maybe I'll come across it again. until then, I found something on the web.. hashbrowns, broth, milk gravy mix. Sounds good to me!

I froze my chicken broth in glade storage containers and need to get them out of the containers and into a freezer bag. They are pretty big chunks of broth. Next time, I'll freeze them in a muffin tin and that way they are uniform and will fit in a ziplock in the freezer. I just didn't have time and had way more broth than one muffin tin.

I also freeze bacon grease. When I cook green beans, I cut off a hunk and add it if I don't have any bacon on hand. Saves some cooking time and still gives the bacon flavor. MMMMM

What else do you freeze for shortcuts later on?

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Melanie said...

Wow, I wish I could save that much on a grocery run!! I clip coupons, but it seems most of the coupons in our Sunday paper are for products we don't use or normally buy generic anyway.

We chop onions, bell peppers, and green onions to freeze. I keep them in a ziploc, so when I need some I just grab a chunk and toss it in. We've tried celery too, but it doesn't freeze well!