Monday, November 24, 2008

Menu Monday

I am so glad I saved leftovers and froze them. They will feed us this week. I have much to do!

Monday - Freezer gumbo with rice, potatoe salad

Tuesday - Spag with garlic bread and corn.

Wednesday - Freezer red beans/rice with sausage.

Thursday - Tgiving!
Smoked turkey
Sweet potatoe casserole
Carrot soufle
Green beans w/bacon and onions
Okra dressing
apple pie
pecan pie
tea, cokes

Friday - Left overs!


Sheri said...

hold up what is okra dressing??

Rachel said...

Cook down some sliced okra - adding a little vinegar cuts the slime. Brown ground meat, drain. Add onions to grnd meat and cook until tender. Add the cooked okra. Add a can of Rotel. Serve over rice.

Don't ask me the measurements, I don't know them LOL

Sheri said...

oh so it's like smothered okra but with ground meat....I can't cook okra- Ive tried; it just don't work well, I think I cook it on to high of a fire.

When I was in New Iberia- I had it smothered down with Chicken and Sausage- that was SOo good!

And a good cook- never knows the measurements!