Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thankful Feast & Okra Dressing

We had a great time. Seemed everyone wanted to stay home and cook. Our families had lots of little groups gathering. Usually our families gather in large groups. I called around to wish them all a happy tgiving and most of them had cancellations. I offered them to come here since everything was prepared already.. nah, they wanted to stay home. I don't blame them one bit!

We had us 5 and 3 guests. Richard's mom and aunt dropped by later than night to visit and we ended up talking until 11pm! It was so nice to sit, relax and visit.

I cook a Tgiving meal for us even if we go somewhere. We like to have our own Feast and our own leftovers. Heck, there are 5 of us. If we bring enough leftovers home to feed us.. that's a lot of food. When I cook our feast there is no rush, time limit or fancy smancy stuff. Its like a Sunday dinner, very relaxed. This time, I had guests coming. AH. How in the world do I get things to all be ready at the same time and still remain hot?

Somehow.. I DID IT! Well, we forgot the rolls, but we were so stuffed that I don't know where we would have put them. Plates were fixed, we sat and ate, then we waddled around and moaned and groaned the rest of the afternoon LOL No, not really, but we were so full that we skipped supper and opted to finally eat dessert. MMMM

Our Feast:
Smoked turkey
Sweet potatoe casserole
carrot souffle
green beans with bacon
okra dressing
cranberry sauce

chicken salad
cheese squares
pepperoni sticks


pecan pie with whipped cream
peanut butter cookies with hershey kiss on top

The okra dressing was given to me by a friend. We all like okra and it's a good way to eat it. I do not know the measurements, I really just eyeball it. But if you make rice dressing.. it's pretty much like that. The meat to rice ratio is your own call. Sometimes I like it more meaty than other times.

Here goes:

ground meat
beef broth
cooking oil
cooked rice
salt, pepper, garlic powder

Brown ground meat. Drain. Saute onion in the ground meat. Season meat. Smother the okra: I put a little oil in the bottom of my black iron pot, put in the sliced okra (I have used fresh and frozen). Cook down until tender. I usually add some vinegar to help with the slime. As it's cooking, I add some water to the bottom so it don't stick, stirring often, medium heat. I cook mine down until it is a.. hmm.. kinda brownish-green in color? It's in really small pieces with the okra seeds all over. Season okra. Then I combine the okra and ground meat. Taste and season. It's much easier to season the meat/okra before you add the rice. I do add salt to my rice before cooking. Once the okra and meat are well mixed.. add rotel. The amount of rotel you add depends on how spicy you like it. It also adds some moisture. Add rice, mix. If you add the rotel an it's not moist enough, you can add some canned breef broth. Mix well. Taste, season.

It really is good and it can be tailored to how you like it with the rice/meat/okra ratio. I just add whatever looks good.

If you try it.. lemme know! If you have question, please email me at rachelnla(at) yahoo (dot) com. I'll be happy to answer your question. Seriously, it's that good. Everyone who ate it could not believe it had okra. They all gobbled it up
and kept saying how good everything was.

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Jennifer said...

The okra dressing sounds good Rachel. I thing that is what we will have for supper tomorrow.

I make a dish where I cook tomatoes (can use fresh), corn, and okra together with crushed red pepper, onions and garlic and serve it over rice. It is so good on a cold day, but it's even better in the summer when all the veggies are fresh.