Saturday, November 15, 2008

Picture pages.

Looking on the computer for pictures, I realized how much I really need a new camera. These are from last Cmas.

This Sarah. She is 13. She is a mini me of her older sister.

Richard loving his Cmas present!

Girls being silly!

Daniel being cool. He's 16.

Jessica. She's 19.

Earlier this year, we bought 20 acres about 40 miles north of us. Pictures don't do it justice. We plan to move our portable building that we converted into a house there soon. I cannot wait. It's shaped like a rectangle.. with a creek down the center.. and part of the creek comes across the back corner of the property. It's been cleared with lots of clumps of trees stilll left. There are trees that line the creek on both sides and clumps of trees all around the property. The land is flatter on the back side.. the front half has rolling hills. It has water and electricity already on it. There is even a house pad. It was all just meant to be! My husband loves it and has spent a good amount of time there relaxing - that makes it all worth it.

Daniel crossing the creek.

If you stood at the entrance gate and looked to your immediate left, this is what you would see.

Creek, house pad, the connection between the front half and the back half

He was walking along, looked down and saw this! Seriously.

Then he picked it up! Can you see the outline?

Below is what he found in ONE day on our property.

Hope you enjoyed!

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