Sunday, November 30, 2008

Progressing along

We are almost finished with the Tgiving Feast foods. MMMM I will have to make the sweet potatoe casserole more often. My son LOVES that stuff. Who wouldn't??

I managed to get some shopping in on Saturday. I am about to go wrap them. I want to say on top of things. I was shopping alone, so I was able to browze around for some ideas. I'm so excited. Today was lounging and catching up on the laundry and getting the kids ready for back to school.

I was so tired from the Tgiving feast, shopping, laundry and whatnots that I got some gumbo out of the freezer for supper. I make a small batch of potatoe salad. We used the left over turkey in our gumbo. MMMMMM

While things were warming up and the rice was cooking, I got out Home Binder and updated a few things:

Wrote down my 3-day plan for preparing for Tgiving Feast.

Updated my Tgiving Day menu card.

Updated my shopping lists of what I have purchased and the prices.

Gathered receipts and put in envelope in binder. Wrote on them what was purchased.

Updated the Rec'd list for Cmas cards. Can you believe I have started receiving Cmas cards already??? Some people are really on their toes!

Glanced over my menu for Cmas Day.

I'm off to wrap some presents. Hopefully, the tree should go up soon!

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