Saturday, November 08, 2008


I am so glad I scooped up some Puffs a few weeks ago when they were on sale. I have almost used an entire box! My poor nose.

I feel like crud. Time to take some more Tylenol, Mucinex and hit the bed. I did drink a mashed clove of garlic in a mug of water zapped in the microwave with some honey in it. It got things moving around. ICK!

No place feels comfy for any length of time... sleep is hard to come by... i am constantly sipping water and running to potty. I took a shower, so that helps. I feel tired and achy and just down right miserable.

I know women talk a lot about how men are whiner when they are sick. My man is never sick.. so i don't know about all that. But on the other hand, me? OMGOSH... I'm all mushy and lovey and cry-y and whiney and i'm sure it's just miserable to be around me. My husband listens to me rattle on about how much i love him and thank him for taking care of things and holds me when i babble and cry about not being able to do things i need to get done.. and how much i love him and how blessed I am.

Annoying, right? EGADS! I really need to get a grasp on the emotion thing. He just laughs and says he's glad i have to give him control. That's the running joke between us... my and my control of things. I have to push the buggy in the store... i have to place the things in a certain way in the buggy... I have to group things togther on the belt.. etc.. he laughs. So.. yah.. i really am blessed.

I am taking my sneezing, sniveling, achy hiney to bed and maybe finish my book!

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