Thursday, November 06, 2008

Reaping those rewards...

Heather, I knew you would understand about my wantin to get the store :) Hopefully tonight... or very early morning. I missed last week, but this week is so good I cannot afford to miss and don't want to be messing with rain checks.

My throat has been scratchy the past few days. Now it seems to be hurting. I should have gargled with salt water the moment it started scratching. Now I'm achy, running a low-grade temperature, tired, my eyes burn and I'm drinking and urinating more frequently.

I decided I needed soup. Hmm.. YES! I remembered I had frozen some chicken stock. Plopped that in a pot, added some carrots..seasonings.. it's simmering and I'm so eager to start sipping it. I tell ya, store bought has NOTHING over homemade. MMMMMM.

If it won't help my throat.. it sure boosts me ego!


Melanie said...

Sorry you are feeling a little under the weather!! One of the greatest meds out there (IMO) is Airborne. You take it when you first start feeling sick, and it keeps you from getting as sick as you normally would. It really truly works! Feel better!

Heather said...

Oh no, I hope you aren't getting what Bee has! I'm positive she must have flu, because she's so achy and feverish. Poor baby.

Did you freeze your stock in ice cube trays? How did it turn out?

Rachel said...

Will get Airborne tomorrow when I am out. I am pretty sure it's not the flu. My son had it a few years back and he couldn't function. The doctor said had I brought him in right away they could have given him Tamiflu... you may want to call her doctor and ask for it!