Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stocking the freezer

My husband has a friend who raises cattle. There are babies everywhere this time of year. His friend called to say a baby had broken its back and asked if he could help him. My husband just loves this kinda stuff, so it was natural he wanted to help his friend. Our thanks? We got half a calf! Two huge roasts... 9 HUGE bags of ground meat (hubby did not measure the meat per bag before sealing them), I lost count of the steaks as he was putting them in the freezer. I can pretty much cross off needing beef at the store for a good 3 -4 months now! I do wish he would have put 3 pounds of ground meat per bag, but when you are allowed to bag for free... you don't push the issue!

Next... to snag a deer so we can make more deer sausage! I think we are starting to run low. LOL

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Jennifer said...

Wow Rachel, that's great! Beef is so high anyway. You were truely blessed.