Tuesday, November 18, 2008

zip, bam, foozle!

I made the chicken salad sandwiches last night. Easy breezy with the food processor. A few pulses and it was chicken chopped, onion chopped, egg whites chopped and dumped in a bowl. Mashed the yolks, added the mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, garlic powder and added to the bowl. Mixed well. YUM-OH!

It's even better chilled today. The flavors have mingled and boy is it good. MMMMM

The kids said we need to have it more often. I'm thinking I need to snag some whole chickens on sale and keep on hand! A quick cook using the pressure cooker and tada, instant sammies. Great snack for any occasion.

I also took the chicken bones, added some carrots, water, stock from cooking the chicken and put it all in the crockpot over night. I just strained it into jars... I came out with 8 cups of wonderful broth. I am getting addicted to doing this. I am soo looking forward to Tgiving so I can... hmm "broth" the turkey bones.

I am looking at everything in my kitchen wondering what else I use the food processor for. That this is awesome. My youngest suggested I get my MIL to get me one for Cmas. Heck, I'd be thrilled if she boxed this one up and gave it to me. She said she really don't use it as it's just her.

I need to make some carrot and raisin salad with the carrots before they go bad. I was going to make carrot suffle... but I don't have enough eggs. The hens are slowing down with the winter weather.


Jennifer said...

Rachel, sounds like a very productive day. I have a question. I have been looking for a carrot soufflé recipe, like the one you get a Morrison's. Do you mind sharing yours?

Heather said...

Rachel, I use the food processor to make hummus, and it's so delicious with warm toasted pita bread. E-mail me if you want the recipe.