Friday, December 26, 2008

It was just what I wanted and totally not what I expected!

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were just about perfect.


Work was very slow so I was able to finish up my wrapping and getting things finalized for Christmas Day. I had one kid wrap the other kid's gift and vice versa. They loved writing the name tags LOL Silly kids!

Every year, Richard's family gathers at the grandparents and makes homemade egg nog. Everyone beats an egg white until stiff. We actually hold the plate upside down over someone's head to prove it! While we are beating the whites, Paw Paw is mixing up the other stuff. Before and after the eggnog, the table is spread with every kind of nibbler you can think of. Food is never in short supply at family get togethers.

We left around 10 and headed home. I was soo very happy to have everything wrapped and already under the tree! We were so tired.

Christmas morning always means hubby cooks bacon and sizzlers cut into small pieces, drain, then add a can of hominy. MMM, it's a tradition that his dad and his grandfather did. Our kids love it and every year they ask if it will be fixed. While Rich was cooking, I picked fresh oranges and juiced them! MMMM

The kids were so patient. They ate and helped clean up and then we gathered around the already divided gifts to open. We start with the youngest and one at a time open gifts. It really stretches cmas, we are all able to see what the gift is and watch the expression on faces. They laughed so much at the name tags. We normally get a gag gift from Rudolf for the stockings, but this year Rudolf was very generous and gave gift cards.

Everyone was excited with their gifts. I have to say, Richard did a wonderful job at my gifts. He really does know me :) A Christmas Story played in the background all day while we puttered around, had some friends stop by, family stopped by and we took naps! Ahhh...

Around 3 we headed back to Richard's grandparents for gift sharing there. His grandmother crocheted 27 scarfs! All the girls got one. She did an awesome job on picking colors! Mine is kid of a teal blue. Very pretty!

More food, more laughs, lots of memories, some sad times for those who are no longer with us... bittersweet. But more memories were made.

It was a very scaled back Christmas with lots less stress and lighter on the budget. It was very nice to sit and relax and enjoy the holiday.

I hope to repeat it again next year! I hope your Holiday was all you wanted, and then some.


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Rachel, I'm glad you had such a lovely Christmas. Mine was good too, even though I had to work [and I'm still working ... ].

One question: what's hominy?

I wish you and your family a very happy 2009.

Rangimarie [peace],

Melanie said...

Merry Christmas! I'm glad to hear you had a great family holday.