Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We are awaiting snow. Okay, flurries. But it is as close to snow as we will get.

I have a fascination with snow. I always have. It's magical. It is. Really.

My aunt lived in Colorado for most of her adult life - the other part was spent in Boston. She Loves the snow and cold weather. My grandmother decided it was time to leave the hot south and go for some cooler weather. She moved to Colorado with my aunt. She enjoyed many years of beautiful snow.

My grandmother developed Alzheimer's and dementia. She wanted to come home to die. She didn't want to be buried in the cold ground of Colorado. She wanted to come home.

She returned to Louisiana to live with my uncle (her son). She kept telling my aunt (uncles wife) she was ready to die. My aunt would remind her it was not her choice.. but God's. My grandmother often spoke of a man who would come in the house... and angle babies who appeared in the top corners of the rooms. The angle babies told her they were coming for her after her Bday to take her home. Her Bday was December 4. My grandmother passed away December 17. We buried her on Cmas Eve. (we were waiting for out of state family to arrive). As we were all sitting around reminiscing about her life and how much she meant to each of us, the talk of "signs" of knowing your loved one is okay in heaven came up. My grandmother and I both loved frogs. My aunt said she had gotten her "sign". She was seeing frogs all over. There was even one in one of the plants at her funeral!! I said if it snowed on Cmas THAT would be my sign. My brother laughed and said I would have to be commited if it snowed on Cmas and I infact did get my sign. We all had a good laugh at that one.

All day on Cmas my family was calling to say it was snowing at their house. They all exclaimed, "Your sign is here!" No, it wasn't my sign. I didn't see the snow. I was really disappointed. I REALLY wanted a sign. I began to look for anything to become a sign. I needed to know she was okay.

It was around 10pm and we were getting ready for bed and I was coming to accept I wouldn't see my sign. Oh well. At around 10:20 my daughter asked what that noise was. We raced outside! SNOW!! It was snowing! SNOWING ON CMAS DAY!

I immediately called my aunt in Colorado. The tears began and my aunt said I finally had my snow! MY SIGN! I looked at my watch... it was now 10:25.. the time my grandmother is believed to have passed away.

The sign was there.... and I will never forget that night :)


Jennifer said...

Wow, Rachel, what a beautiful story. We too are supposed to get ice and snow later today, they have predicited 3-6 inches for us but I have my doubts. Very unusual for here, we rarely ever get sonw, especially this early. Last year in January was the first time in 7 years that we had snow.

Melanie said...

awww what a lovely story!! We're on snow watch still. Nothing yet, but I'm hearing it is in Franklin now, which is about 60 miles from us. We'll see!

oh and Yes yes yes! I use my Kitchenaid all the time. I LOVE my mixer!