Thursday, January 22, 2009

+10.00 *link added for pasta*

I forgot to add the pasta link! Sorry.

Richard swung by the grocery store to pick up some tamalies. Same store as the wolf chili. You had to buy 10.00 worth to get the chili at 1.00 a can, and then you were limited 3 cans. WHAT? GRRRR He easily spent 10.00 and got 3 cans. Unless I see something else in their ad, I won't need to go back to that store. Will have to stretch my measly 3 cans. Hmpfh!

I was unable to make it to the store - errands and Sarah had practice. Guess what I'll be doing on Friday night! Whoohoo. The store should be empty and hopefully I'll be able to get in and out in no time.

My sister and I are trying to make plans to get together and make mixes. She called last night telling me all about how she is so mad because all these years she has been buying cake mix and it's just flour and sugar! HAHAHA Yes, sister dear. I know. She's on a mission to start cooking as much as she can from scratch and wants to make as many mixes as possible. I think it's wonderful that she I can do these things together. It's a great thing to know how to cook from scratch. I have friends who think I'm crazy to make things like from scratch. yah, well.. my family won't be the one starving should things get bad in our country. Can you imagine how many people would actually starve simply because they have no idea how to make basics like bread.

Today, I made ... ready? I made homemade pasta. And you know what?? It was fun, easy and tastes great. Who knew?? Richard tried them and said they tasted just like pasta from the store. Granted, they were not all uniform and shaped so lovely. I cannot tell you how many times I couldn't make a "pasta" meal because we had no pasta. I could have made my own. I'm now itching to make some chicken noodle soup. I have some chicken broth in the freezer.. I know how to make noodles.. I'm all set. I'll have to just put it in the crock one day and let it simmer all day, adding the noodles near the end.

My sister also mentioned something very sad. She said she wondered why our mom didn't teach us these things - cooking from scratch. Bread is so basic. Everyone should know how to do it. I know we will have fun when we get together. We always do.


Melanie said...

Sounds like you and your sis will have a great time! I really enjoy reading your tips. You've definitely inspired me to make my own when possible instead of buying premade. I don't think I'm brave enough to make my own pasta,though, lol! But I am working on being more thrifty and handy in the kitchen. :-)

Rachel said...

Aww, thanks so much! Trust me.. the pasta is not hard at all! I was shocked. I dunno if I would do spaghetti with it - it would take a lot! - but I would do it in a pinch and definitely in homemade chicken soup. Once you get the hang of it, it goes a lot smoother. Now it's just natural to boil the chicken bones for broth. :)

Heather said...

I just told my husband that very same thing! Most people, if faced with the challenge of baking a cake from scratch, would have absolutely no idea what to do. None.

Heather said...
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