Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's about time!

Richard brought me home a paper this morning. I love checking out the grocery store ads.

I immediately saw that Wolf chili is on sale for 1.00 a can! My store has it for 1.65 every day. It does go on sale for 1.00 a can, but I have not seen it that low in months. Now are you seeing the reason to keep a price book? We usually eat hotdogs 2 times a month and I use the canned chili when I bake burritoes (frozen). I stock up when they are 1.00 a can, getting about 10 of them. By the time I have used up all 10 cans it is usually on sale again. Not lately. I have been forced to buy a can for 1.65 here and there. Oh, how that hurt when I knew I could be saving .65 a can. If I'm lucky, I can also time it just right and get them on sale AND use coupons. That makes them even cheaper.

What? You scoff at my saving .65 a can! People, we use about 10 cans in 3 months. That's 6.50 in savings for a 3-month period. There are 12 months in a year. That's a savings of 26.00 in a year just on ONE product. How many products do you use in a year? Think of the savings.

I had wanted to do a batch cooking session this weekend with my sister. Sarah came home with her schedule for games. First one.. this weekend! Rats. I really want to make some stuffed bell peppers for the freezer. They are so good and so easy to pop in the steamer for a quick meal. I may have to make some up this weekend. If I do one specific food here and there the mess and time will greatly be reduced. Of course, once the kids find out we have stuffed bell peppers in the freezer they will go fast. At least it's healthy eating, right??

Off to hopefully vacuum, make my grocery list and gather coupons. And update my price book. You really need to do that, people. Seriously.


Kelly said...

I cannot believe the price of groceries! Em and I went to Sams yesterday...oranges that I paid $4.99 for 10 lbs. last week are now $6.99 for 10 lbs. Eggs, milk, cheese, bread, etc. Everything is getting so expensive. I clip coupons and I stock up when items are on sale too.

Jennifer said...

OK, you have me convinced, I'm going to start a price book next time I go to the grocery store, which hopefully that will be in about two more weeks.

Heather said...

I just updated my price book, and I was shocked at how expensive everything has gotten since the last time I did it. I just makes me CRINGE!