Friday, January 16, 2009

My busy OFF day

I was off today. YES!

Richard let me sleep late while he brought Sarah to school. MMM, 8:30! When I finally pulled myself from the warm covers, I found him laying in front of the fireplace reading a magazine. Sounded good to me. I joined him on the floor and enjoyed being together. ALONE. I know a lot of couples want their own space and are happy when the spouse is of doing their own thing, but we just are not like that. We enjoy being together. It may not be doing the same thing. It can be one watching tv and the other reading. Or me inside cooking and him outside working in the yard. Just being nearby.. I dunno... feels good. It works for us. I know because this May will be 21 years married.

We decided to treat ourselves to breakfast. Cracker Barrel was the choice. Good choice.

Then we started the errands. We went to Office... something or other and I bought a plastic folder holder for my 2008 papers. YES! I also bought some dry erase markers, folders, and page protectors for our family cookbook.

Off to WalMart for Daniel's contacts and some odds and ends.

Grocery store for the free turkey from work, which I have been forgetting to pick up.

I labeled all my folders for storage and cleared out the filing cabinet. Then I put all those folders in a hanging folder. By the looks of things, I'll be able to keep several years of filing in one box. We obviously don't have that much to keep, but I feel so good knowing it's there if I need it. While it's not often I NEED papers thoughout the year, I know where things are now. I just feel so much more organized, which in turn makes me feel better about myself.

The above feeling led me to cleaning off my kitchen cabinets and under the island while Super Nanny played in the background. Rich and I had watched Wife Swap. WOW. One was a major coupon clipper and one was a major spender. I'm happily in between, according to my wonder husband.

Next is page protectors for my family cookbook and taking the time to rewrite the recipes I have been jotting down on loose papers, so I can file them in my cookbook.

I'm tired. I need a day off to rest from my day off.

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Jennifer said...

Rachel,sounds like a really nice day. MJ and I watched Wife Swap last night too, for the very first time. LOL! I told him you definately could go too far one way or the other. We too are somewhere in the middle.

We buy what we want, most of the time, but only AFTER we have put money in savings and paid all the bills. We don't do coupons much, but we do buy what's on sale, only if we need it and will use it. We don't buy it just because we get a good deal on it.