Friday, January 30, 2009

One long pause

This week just flew by! Wow. I guess hauling kids around and working long hours will do that to you. On top of that.. I am now sick. Sinus junk. This crazy weather - hot, cold, hot, cold.

My sister and I had a wonderful time and I cannot wait for us to do it again. My feet and back were sore from being up all day - oh, it sucks to have a sit-down job; you get no exercise.

Now my fingers have been itching to sew. Yes. I can sew. Somewhat. When the girls were little I made them matching dresses. Just the kind you wore a shirt underneath. And I made a jumper for one of them. They were do cute. I loved those dresses. I read a few blogs that the women sew. (Sarah and Amanda - on the sidebar). Their stuff is incredible. Maybe one day I will be able to produce gorgeous stuff like they do. Until then, I"ll settle for my little projects that add JOY to my life.

I made this wallet tonight. And I'm about to make a purse (9th picture down - Debut Purse). I orginally wanted them to match but I could not find material to make a purse at the first fabric store I went to, so I opted just to make the wallet for now. Naturally, the second store had some really nice stuff. If I have enough material left over from the purse I will make a matching wallet. If not, I'll just go get some more material and make one. The wallet is very easy and comes together very fast. I did remember to take pictures. Daughter should be home soon with the cord! I'll post them when I can.

Off to start the purse.

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