Saturday, January 31, 2009

pictures galore

I have been promising pictures on the blog, and I have them now. I also realize my sister did not take enough pictures of our Mixing Session! Next time! We enjoy getting together and cooking. Sometimes we do it at her house, sometimes mine. This time was mine.

We mixed up some homemade Rice a Roni (chicken flavor pictured).

We sampled it. MMMM. We almost ate it all before realizing we needed to get a picture of it!
Thanks to my Fake Friend Amanda, I have been itching to sew again. Granted, I use a Crappy Brother from WalMart (Amanda doesn't like Brother machines LOL) but I managed to put together a few things last night. I haven't sewn in 15+ yrs. I am definitely hooked. The above is the fabric I picked to make a wallet. I love frogs and I love green.
Iron-on velcro closure.
All the way open. The bottom (yellow) holds credit cards. Its top not attached to the lining so you can slip your checkbook back there. The middle (blue) also has deeper credit card slots. It also it not attached to the lining so you can put your paper money there. I use a seperate coin holder so this wallet is perfect for me. It's pretty thick because it's quilted. I'm wanting to do one to match the purse I made. Purse? Yes. I also made a purse last night too.
Too cute. It's a bit smaller than I am use to, but i see now where I cut the fabric too small on one section and it decreased the size. I also think the handles could be much wider and longer. They originally were meant to go on the sides of the purse. I sewed them together to make on longer handle and attached at the ends. It was really fun to make and came together quickly. I want to make a matching wallet out of denim. I'm thinking of using some old jeans so it's thicker. I don't want to quilt it. Maybe soon.
Then I was bored! So I whipped up a kleenex holder (right). It matches both the wallet and the purse. I cannot wait to make more of those. I had no ribbon so I just folder over a piece of denim. Worked! The pouch (left) is made from an old denim shirt we had in the rag bag that my husband keeps for rags to use in his shop. Recycling at it's best! It perfectly holds his business cards. I'll understand if he doesn't want to use it. I'll take it! It's perfect for garage saling or carrying around some money, credit card and license.
Next on my list is a reversable tote bag. I found the perfect shirt to recycle. Hopefully I have enough denim to make it. It will be too cute!
And where did all this happen?? In my cozy palace, of course!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

You did all that last night? Dang, you're good! Love the froggy wallet, turned out great!

Heather said...

Your kitchen is very pretty!

I'm glad you liked the Rice-A-Roni, and I'm also jealous that you can sew. I'm HOPELESS with sewing. It frustrates me to no end.

Jennifer said...

Nice job on the purse and wallet. I love the colors. I just wish I could sew!