Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pizza, take 2

Before church, my husband asked if I would make pizza for lunch today. Daniel had a friend over to spend the night, so that meant 2 teen boys, 2 adults and 1 preteen. Okay, 4 pizzas!

As soon as we got home I changed and started mixing up the dough. To the dough I added some garlic powder, oregano and Ms. Dash garlic and herb seasoning. Oh my!

While the dough was rising I gathered the toppings. Hubby chopped onions and bell peppers. We had sauce, cheese, pepperoni, jalopena peppers, bell pepers (red and yellow), and onions.

After the first pizza, I realized we had no more sauce. ACK! Who wants to run to the store for sauce?? Flipped my cook book to my sauce recipe and started that simmering on the stove while I started another dough batch.

The teens ate first because, you know, they were starving! They ate an entire pizza and wanted to know if there was another one coming soon. Yes! They only ate 1/4 of the next one. They never noticed a difference in sauce and I never said a word.

The last 3 pizzas had the homemade sauce and my youngest even said, "Mom, your sauce is good and sweet." WOW! The boys even complimented me. The friend said it was waaay better than frozen pizza. Thanks!

I use to make the sauce all the time and just keep it in a Pizza Sauce jar - the kids never knew the difference, until they got older. It really is nice to know that I can make everyday foods from scratch if need be.

I'll share with you my sauce. I'm sure I got it on the internet, somewhere. I just don't know where to give the credit. The best part about making it yourself is you can change it up to suit your taste.


2 Tablespoons of oil
2 teaspoons onion powder (I had none, so hubby poured the dried onions out and we used the "powder" in the bottom)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
12 oz can of tomato paste - 2 cans of water
1 teaspoon basil
1/4 teaspoon oregano
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon salt

Mix all of the above in a sauce pan. ( if you don't keep basil and oregano, just use Italian seasoning, it has both in there.) Cook on medium, stirring often until tomatoe paste is dissoved. Simmer 5 - 10 minutes. Store in jar in fridge. It may be a little thicker than what you are use to, just thin it with more water.

Yup, I think they like homemade pizzas. I am tempted to make some individual pizzas. Just bake the dough and freeze them. Then they can top them however they like them and warm them on the stove top in a nonstick skillet. Hmmm...


Mrs Flam said...

thanks for sharing you have given me an idea for tonight. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. My family loves pizza but I don't like the price of buying a freshly made one or the taste of frozen pizzas. I think I'll try one this week.

Cajunchic said...

That sounds yummy. My kids love homemade pizza so I will have to try this recipe.