Friday, February 27, 2009

Wonder Wallet #1 *edited*

Wow. This was quick and fun! My oldest picked the material and I sewed it while we chatted.

And then I made a bag with a zipper. The green zipper totally makes it. The fabric was in the discount bin. Love it!

sewing patterns

I have found a lot of free patterns online. I recently got the Wonder Wallet pattern (scroll to bottom of page) and will be making some of those. I also checked out some books at the library. I found a pattern for a purse and a pattern for 3 different sizes of makeup bags.

Now.. which material gets made into what! ACK!

I spent 2 hours drooling over material. This can become a real addiction.

Kelly, do you sew?? Please share!! I am thinking of attempting some curtains after I tackle learning to install a zipper.

I do love sewing. I find it very relaxing and rewarding. I like to make practical stuff that I will use. I need to find how to make a liner for a square basket. I need one by my chair and I want it to coordinate with my living room.

After the purses/wallets.. I need to make a table runner for the coffee table and maybe some placemats for the kitchen in spring colors. They had FABULOUS pastels... ohoo.. I must practice so I can get better. I really do enjoy it.

Running around

I have many things to do today. It's gonna be a busy day.

Kid's to school.
Gift for shower.
Fabric store.
Home to sew.
Pick kids up.
Deliver kid to work.
Pick up crawfish!!
Pick up kid at work.

That's the plan anyway. I know me. I'll get stopped a bazillion times, sidetracked and distracted. Things will take longer than I hoped. Time will fly by and I will get only the minimal done.

I have a new pattern to make. I need more fabric. Still have not found a pattern I like to make a purse. I do have one in mind. I bought some discounted fabric to make a sample purse. Hopefully I can get that made tomorrow too. I need to relax and sewing does that for me. It feels good to be creative.

Buttons. BUTTONS. I need to get some buttons.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Heather left a comment in the last post asking about organizing coupons. I finally get to help someone :)

I keep my coupons in a binder with baseball card pages. I attached tabs to the pages so I can just tab over to the page I need. I also put the tabs in order that my grocery store is laid out. I know, I know, but it works since I only shop at one store for EVERYTHING. I also drew a little diagram one day while shopping of what was on each isle. Now when I make my grocery list, I use that diagram and make it according to the isles. No more back tracking! My binder corresponds with the list, so I can flip the pages as I'm going down the isle and check out the prices of things as I go through the store. That's how I found the Wolf Chili was on sale! It was not advertised.

The categories in my binder go like this:


Some categories I use 2 pages of baseball card holders because I get a lot of coupons for that category. I also put like coupons in one holder only if the amount off is the same. I don't want to look through that little pouch to find the coupon that has the most off on toilet paper. All the .25 off are in one pouch, the 1.00 off are in another. I do try and put the closest expiration date on the top to use it quickly and save the others for subsequent weeks without worrying they will expire.

I look through the ads and pull my coupons before going to the store. I place those in an envelope in the front pocket of my binder. Then, as I go through the store I flip the pages and see if anything is also on sale and if I have a coupon for it. I also look for closeout items. Too many times I missed good sales by just bringing the coupons I need from looking at the ads. It takes no time at all to look at the binder page and the items since it's all laid out in order of the store. If I pull a coupon to use from the binder, I tuck it in the envelope in the front. Before I check out, I always go through the coupons in the envelope to be sure I did purchase that item. I don't want to be embarrassed, and I want the cashier to have a positive attitude about my using coupons.

Each week when I cut coupons and put them in the binder I check for expired coupons and pull them. If I have the time, I highlight expiration dates to find them quicker.

I keep a pencil pouch in my binder with pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, calculator, and a hair clip. Ya just never know!

My store has those coupon dispensers. Take them. Don't buy the product now. It's gonna go on sale soon and you will have a coupon to boot!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Grocery savings

I started updating my pricebook back in October. I recently found a list of what I wouldn't pay more than for some items. I'm not sure how old that list is, but I know it's not THAT old. The one that stuck out the most on that list was Kraft Mayo. I use to pay 1.88 for a container. Now, it's 2.99. That's a 1.11 price increase. It recently went down to 2.50 with one of those sales if you buy 10 specific items you save X amount. I stocked up. Hopefully it's enough to get me through until it goes on sale again.

I dunno how I missed it on the ad, or even if it was in the ad... but Wolf Chili is now on sale 1.00 a can! Whoo hooo!! That's a .65 savings per can. According to the tag, it should stay on sale until March 31!?? I plan to grab a few cans each time I go in. The kids think I'm insane when it comes to the Wolf Chili. It's the only one we eat and it rarely goes on sale anymore. Heck, I was even lucky enough to find Bar-S hotdogs for .50 a pack the other day! Another great score that I haven't seen in a very long time.

My bill went from 181.99 to 127.35. That's 54.64 in savings.

Every little bit helps, especially when you pay 9% tax on food! GRRRR

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The weekend highlights

We got crushed concrete for the new driveway and the metal roof is done! Two things to scratch off our list. One step closer to being done.

We celebrated Vday on Friday since we were both off and kidless. Nice lunch, lovely conservation and some quality time together. Blissfully wonderful.

Saturday we headed out early to Sarah's school. She's on the basketball team and they were taking pictures. Rich drove over to meet me when the game started. This was by far their best game. Actually, both teams had a great game. It was very close in score the entire time. Knowing kids on both teams makes it hard to cheer.. I'm so happy when X makes a goal! Yah for her! But uhm.. I'm even more excited when our team made the goal, and more importantly when OUR KID made the goal! Whoo hoo. Go, Sarah! She was so pumped. They won by ONE POINT! It was very riviting. And it's really exciting when your kid finds you in the stands and you are able to give them a two thumbs up and they grin like wild! It also was her Bday Saturday.. my baby is growing up waaay too fast.

Saturday night I finished up some items I was making for a friend. She loves, loves, LOVE polka dots. And I just wanted another excuse to sew and try out different types of interfacing.

All I can say is she better hurry up and come get them.. or I just may have to eat them they are so darn cute! I've got to find a cute purse pattern for myself. I have the material.. I may have to break down and buy a pattern (gasp!) I know, I know. Just gotta find one that I like.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tea wallet

I decided to make some time for sewing. I whipped up a tea wallet/license and credit card holder. I'm using mine for tea at the moment. I need to find raspberry tea in envelopes. They have it, just need to get some. I have green tea inside for now. I also want to slide some splenda packets in there.

$55.00 savings!

I finally hauled my hiney to the grocery store. The children were about to start gnawing on my leg. It was a huge success.

Kroger is having a buy 10 of these items and save 3.00 off. Most of those items I had coupons for. Whoohooo. My buggy was over flowing!

After card/coupons:
Savings of:

I was so excited. Granted, that was no meat because we still have some at home and there were no good sales. Can you believe paper plates went up 20 cents!!! Geeze. I also treated Sarah to some 3.00 cereal (gasp!) and I bought some Nyquil (with a coupon and on sale!). Who ohooo me!

Time to update my price book. I am so glad to have that thing. I glance over it while making my list to make sure foods are really at their lowest. I use my calculator in the store, but I'd much rather know before I get there if an item is worth it or not. Saves so much time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The letter H

Kelly over at My Little Part of the South was challenged to come up with ten things she loved starting with the letter J. She did a great job! My challenge is to come up with 10 things I love starting with the letter H.

1. Him - Because without Him, I am nothing.

2. Husband - almost 21 years married and it's still going strong.

3. Home - I love being home. I am a hermit. I only get out if I must. And even then I put it off as long as possible.

4. Handkerchief - my grandmother is 88. She embroidered a lacy hanky in green (the colors of my wedding) with my initials on it.

5. Hugs - MMMMMM Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

6. Holding hands.

7. Humor - I love to laugh.

8. Haircuts - makes you feel good.

9. Hot wings. MMMMMM

10. Hershey's chocolate!

If you want to play along, let me know and I'll assign you a letter too!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Computer DVR

Recently, Richard hooked the cable back up to my computer. I am once again using the DVR. This is soo nice. I can go about my daily life and never miss a program! It can store 99 hours worth of whatever I want. The kids don't like watching my shows. We have ONE tv in this house. ONE. It's so much nicer. They gather in the living room.. as a family.. to watch tv. They debate, compromise and decide together what they want to watch. They like the same stuff.. so it's easy. It's time spent together.

Once I'm ready to watch my shows, I sit at the computer with the headphones on and play away! I zip thru the commercials and I"m done in no time. No wasted time. I love programming the DVR. You can do a search for keywords, titles, genre, etc. You can also look at the TV Guide and pick a show to record from their. You can record a series, an episode, reruns, new shows only.. ... that's one neat gadget. I forget how much I missed watching tv.

What do I watch?

Orange County Housewifes
Jon and Kate + 8
Little People, Big World
17 kid and counting
Kids by the dozen

Gotta love it!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Don't wait

My Wonderful MIL gave me a delishly-smelling candle for Christmas 2 years ago. I have been saving it. Saving? For what? What makes any day more special than the next? EVERY day should be celebrated.

I decided today was the day I was going to light this candle. I knew it was somewhere on my desk. Near the monitor? The speakers? Oh, there are some rechargable batteries. I really need to find the charger.. uh, what was I.. oh yah, candle.

So I put it on the woodburning stove and lit it. MMMM

That little light reminds me to stop waiting for a special day. EVERY day needs to be special.

What are you saving? Why? Go...

Monday, February 02, 2009

another reason to have a kitchen aid mixer

This is my husband's favorite. I only had 1/2 bag of chips to go in a full batch, but it was plenty. He will be so excited when he gets home tonight. I cannot begin to tell you how easy using the Kitchen aid made it. It was mixing while I was putting everything else up!

Do you know what the below is???? I used my kitchen aid to mix it up. It's very good. Light and fluffy. MMMMMMM

Then I put the "blobs" on a cookie sheet. I love nonstick foil! Cleanup is a breeze.

The finished product is the below. I had to snap the picture when I was half way through, they were going pretty fast. The girls want to mix some up and keep it in the freezer. They love baking one big one at night.. and not having to worry about mixing/cooking an entire batch.

My youngest was sampling. She even put on a milk mustache to make it more... yummy!