Wednesday, February 11, 2009

$55.00 savings!

I finally hauled my hiney to the grocery store. The children were about to start gnawing on my leg. It was a huge success.

Kroger is having a buy 10 of these items and save 3.00 off. Most of those items I had coupons for. Whoohooo. My buggy was over flowing!

After card/coupons:
Savings of:

I was so excited. Granted, that was no meat because we still have some at home and there were no good sales. Can you believe paper plates went up 20 cents!!! Geeze. I also treated Sarah to some 3.00 cereal (gasp!) and I bought some Nyquil (with a coupon and on sale!). Who ohooo me!

Time to update my price book. I am so glad to have that thing. I glance over it while making my list to make sure foods are really at their lowest. I use my calculator in the store, but I'd much rather know before I get there if an item is worth it or not. Saves so much time.

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