Monday, February 02, 2009

another reason to have a kitchen aid mixer

This is my husband's favorite. I only had 1/2 bag of chips to go in a full batch, but it was plenty. He will be so excited when he gets home tonight. I cannot begin to tell you how easy using the Kitchen aid made it. It was mixing while I was putting everything else up!

Do you know what the below is???? I used my kitchen aid to mix it up. It's very good. Light and fluffy. MMMMMMM

Then I put the "blobs" on a cookie sheet. I love nonstick foil! Cleanup is a breeze.

The finished product is the below. I had to snap the picture when I was half way through, they were going pretty fast. The girls want to mix some up and keep it in the freezer. They love baking one big one at night.. and not having to worry about mixing/cooking an entire batch.

My youngest was sampling. She even put on a milk mustache to make it more... yummy!


Jennifer said...

Oh those look yummy Rachel. OK, gotta get a KitchenAid, gotta get a KitchenAid, gotta get a KitchenAid! I'm really working on my husband, hinting around for one. He comes home with a new gun (he's a big hunter)or some tool or gadget and I ask "well, where's my KitchenAid?" He hasn't bit yet, but he will soon I hope. My birthday and Mother's day is all coming up around the same time. Here's hoping!

Sheri said...

OMG- she is gorgeous! -and when did she grow up?-Nevermind my baby is 14! I sent pics of him yesterday-no one can believe how "grown" he is! He still looks just like the little blonde haired kid that ran around saying "shake ya booty Ms Raycahal!"