Friday, February 06, 2009

Computer DVR

Recently, Richard hooked the cable back up to my computer. I am once again using the DVR. This is soo nice. I can go about my daily life and never miss a program! It can store 99 hours worth of whatever I want. The kids don't like watching my shows. We have ONE tv in this house. ONE. It's so much nicer. They gather in the living room.. as a family.. to watch tv. They debate, compromise and decide together what they want to watch. They like the same stuff.. so it's easy. It's time spent together.

Once I'm ready to watch my shows, I sit at the computer with the headphones on and play away! I zip thru the commercials and I"m done in no time. No wasted time. I love programming the DVR. You can do a search for keywords, titles, genre, etc. You can also look at the TV Guide and pick a show to record from their. You can record a series, an episode, reruns, new shows only.. ... that's one neat gadget. I forget how much I missed watching tv.

What do I watch?

Orange County Housewifes
Jon and Kate + 8
Little People, Big World
17 kid and counting
Kids by the dozen

Gotta love it!


Jennifer said...

We only have one TV, well only one that is hooked up to the satillite that is. Caleb got one for Christmas for his room alo9ng with a DVD player so the kids wouldn't fight so much. Now one can go in the bedroom and watch a video, but that rarely happens. We all watch TV together in the living room.

Melanie said...

If it weren't for TiVo, I would never get to watch anything on TV! I love that it records everything automatically. Valerie got a TV for Christmas, but she isn't interested in it. The big TV in the living room is always on, and always something kid oriented. They watch DVDs allll the time!

Kelly said...

Hey! Your letter is H. Have fun!