Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Don't wait

My Wonderful MIL gave me a delishly-smelling candle for Christmas 2 years ago. I have been saving it. Saving? For what? What makes any day more special than the next? EVERY day should be celebrated.

I decided today was the day I was going to light this candle. I knew it was somewhere on my desk. Near the monitor? The speakers? Oh, there are some rechargable batteries. I really need to find the charger.. uh, what was I.. oh yah, candle.

So I put it on the woodburning stove and lit it. MMMM

That little light reminds me to stop waiting for a special day. EVERY day needs to be special.

What are you saving? Why? Go...


Melanie said...

How very true!! I used do this a lot - save things for "later." I try not to do it often anymore. My Mom did the same thing. I guess that is why she had so much stuff. Gifts that were unopened, so many things unused. She saved so many things for later... So I agree with you! Enjoy it and use it now!

Kelly said...

I used to do the same thing ~ save something for a special day. I am trying to do better and not buy more stuff until I've used what I have.