Monday, February 23, 2009

Grocery savings

I started updating my pricebook back in October. I recently found a list of what I wouldn't pay more than for some items. I'm not sure how old that list is, but I know it's not THAT old. The one that stuck out the most on that list was Kraft Mayo. I use to pay 1.88 for a container. Now, it's 2.99. That's a 1.11 price increase. It recently went down to 2.50 with one of those sales if you buy 10 specific items you save X amount. I stocked up. Hopefully it's enough to get me through until it goes on sale again.

I dunno how I missed it on the ad, or even if it was in the ad... but Wolf Chili is now on sale 1.00 a can! Whoo hooo!! That's a .65 savings per can. According to the tag, it should stay on sale until March 31!?? I plan to grab a few cans each time I go in. The kids think I'm insane when it comes to the Wolf Chili. It's the only one we eat and it rarely goes on sale anymore. Heck, I was even lucky enough to find Bar-S hotdogs for .50 a pack the other day! Another great score that I haven't seen in a very long time.

My bill went from 181.99 to 127.35. That's 54.64 in savings.

Every little bit helps, especially when you pay 9% tax on food! GRRRR


Sheri said...

wolf chili!! When I was in highschool- we used to take a slice of bread- mayo add wolf chili and a slice of cheese- micro til cheese was melted! It didn't taste the same with any other chili! -so, you seem pretty normal to me!

Leila said...

1)I can't believe you live somewhere where they tax food. That's really bad, and I thought Massachusetts is bad. That's a straight-up tax on the poor.

2)It really makes me mad that food prices went way up when fuel prices did, and now they aren't going down.

3)I never even heard of that kind of chili!


Heather said...

Rachel, can you share with me how you organize your coupons? My neighbor has been saving them for me from his Sunday paper, and it's great, but I'm having trouble keeping them orderly. I sort them by category, but they still seem like mess. What do you do?