Friday, February 27, 2009

Running around

I have many things to do today. It's gonna be a busy day.

Kid's to school.
Gift for shower.
Fabric store.
Home to sew.
Pick kids up.
Deliver kid to work.
Pick up crawfish!!
Pick up kid at work.

That's the plan anyway. I know me. I'll get stopped a bazillion times, sidetracked and distracted. Things will take longer than I hoped. Time will fly by and I will get only the minimal done.

I have a new pattern to make. I need more fabric. Still have not found a pattern I like to make a purse. I do have one in mind. I bought some discounted fabric to make a sample purse. Hopefully I can get that made tomorrow too. I need to relax and sewing does that for me. It feels good to be creative.

Buttons. BUTTONS. I need to get some buttons.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

What are you making...besides the pocketbook? What kind of pattern did you pick out? I have to make curtains for E's room. She can't find any she likes.