Friday, February 27, 2009

sewing patterns

I have found a lot of free patterns online. I recently got the Wonder Wallet pattern (scroll to bottom of page) and will be making some of those. I also checked out some books at the library. I found a pattern for a purse and a pattern for 3 different sizes of makeup bags.

Now.. which material gets made into what! ACK!

I spent 2 hours drooling over material. This can become a real addiction.

Kelly, do you sew?? Please share!! I am thinking of attempting some curtains after I tackle learning to install a zipper.

I do love sewing. I find it very relaxing and rewarding. I like to make practical stuff that I will use. I need to find how to make a liner for a square basket. I need one by my chair and I want it to coordinate with my living room.

After the purses/wallets.. I need to make a table runner for the coffee table and maybe some placemats for the kitchen in spring colors. They had FABULOUS pastels... ohoo.. I must practice so I can get better. I really do enjoy it.

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