Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Heather left a comment in the last post asking about organizing coupons. I finally get to help someone :)

I keep my coupons in a binder with baseball card pages. I attached tabs to the pages so I can just tab over to the page I need. I also put the tabs in order that my grocery store is laid out. I know, I know, but it works since I only shop at one store for EVERYTHING. I also drew a little diagram one day while shopping of what was on each isle. Now when I make my grocery list, I use that diagram and make it according to the isles. No more back tracking! My binder corresponds with the list, so I can flip the pages as I'm going down the isle and check out the prices of things as I go through the store. That's how I found the Wolf Chili was on sale! It was not advertised.

The categories in my binder go like this:


Some categories I use 2 pages of baseball card holders because I get a lot of coupons for that category. I also put like coupons in one holder only if the amount off is the same. I don't want to look through that little pouch to find the coupon that has the most off on toilet paper. All the .25 off are in one pouch, the 1.00 off are in another. I do try and put the closest expiration date on the top to use it quickly and save the others for subsequent weeks without worrying they will expire.

I look through the ads and pull my coupons before going to the store. I place those in an envelope in the front pocket of my binder. Then, as I go through the store I flip the pages and see if anything is also on sale and if I have a coupon for it. I also look for closeout items. Too many times I missed good sales by just bringing the coupons I need from looking at the ads. It takes no time at all to look at the binder page and the items since it's all laid out in order of the store. If I pull a coupon to use from the binder, I tuck it in the envelope in the front. Before I check out, I always go through the coupons in the envelope to be sure I did purchase that item. I don't want to be embarrassed, and I want the cashier to have a positive attitude about my using coupons.

Each week when I cut coupons and put them in the binder I check for expired coupons and pull them. If I have the time, I highlight expiration dates to find them quicker.

I keep a pencil pouch in my binder with pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, calculator, and a hair clip. Ya just never know!

My store has those coupon dispensers. Take them. Don't buy the product now. It's gonna go on sale soon and you will have a coupon to boot!


Sheri said...

Hair Clip!

Heather said...

Thanks Rachel! I'm going to see if Staples has those baseball card organizer pages tomorrow.