Sunday, February 15, 2009

The weekend highlights

We got crushed concrete for the new driveway and the metal roof is done! Two things to scratch off our list. One step closer to being done.

We celebrated Vday on Friday since we were both off and kidless. Nice lunch, lovely conservation and some quality time together. Blissfully wonderful.

Saturday we headed out early to Sarah's school. She's on the basketball team and they were taking pictures. Rich drove over to meet me when the game started. This was by far their best game. Actually, both teams had a great game. It was very close in score the entire time. Knowing kids on both teams makes it hard to cheer.. I'm so happy when X makes a goal! Yah for her! But uhm.. I'm even more excited when our team made the goal, and more importantly when OUR KID made the goal! Whoo hoo. Go, Sarah! She was so pumped. They won by ONE POINT! It was very riviting. And it's really exciting when your kid finds you in the stands and you are able to give them a two thumbs up and they grin like wild! It also was her Bday Saturday.. my baby is growing up waaay too fast.

Saturday night I finished up some items I was making for a friend. She loves, loves, LOVE polka dots. And I just wanted another excuse to sew and try out different types of interfacing.

All I can say is she better hurry up and come get them.. or I just may have to eat them they are so darn cute! I've got to find a cute purse pattern for myself. I have the material.. I may have to break down and buy a pattern (gasp!) I know, I know. Just gotta find one that I like.

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Thanks for the link about Walgreens. I'm so depressed! I love the EasySaver program. Now I'm going to have to pay for shampoo and toothpaste again.