Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7 things that make me disproportionately happy

Heather tagged everyone who reads her blog for this meme. So I thought I'd play along. Here are my 7 little things....

1. My husband. From the sound of his voice, the silly nickname he has for me to the way he just always has to touch me when he walks by. He makes me feel loved, desired, special, secure, and happy.

2. When my oldest pulls up the stool in the dining room so we can "chat". When any of them share openly with me. I know they feel secure in just talking.

3. When the kids are all together and interacting. They can be sooo very silly. They often leave messages for each other on the dry erase board along with a picture or two.

4. My rosary. It brings me a great deal of peace.

5. Saving money!

6. Painted toenails. There is just something so cheerful about it.

7. Sewing. It is very relaxing and fulfilling.

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