Friday, March 06, 2009

Frugal Friday/paper systems

In my life, I can pretty much come up with a topic daily to blog about. There is always something happening. Leila left a comment about me being frugal. It's true. I have always been frugal. It comes naturally and I love being frugal.

I remember checking out Tightwad Gazette from the public library (cause I would never buy it when I can read it for free) and being disappointed. I pretty much did most of those things. That was many years ago and I'm sure I could use a refresher course. I'll have to get on the list; that book is always checked out.

Then came the internet. AHHHHHH! (singing angels) And I am able to connect with so many people all over and learn from them. And learn I have. Many people already do composting, and have for years. Many people cook from scratch. Many people use coupons. And many people are frugal. Not cheap, but frugal; big difference. Though, sometimes I think I may dance on that line more than I should.

All day I kept thinking about being frugal. What would seem frugal to someone else? What frugal thing did I do today?? Surely in one day I did something frugal? I grabbed my pen and paper to make a list of the things *I* see as frugal from my day. Then it dawned on me. My paper is the envelope from some junk mail. I keep them just for jotting down notes that I know I don't need to keep. I also reuse paper from the printer. Sometimes I cut it into squares and staple it in the corner. Sometimes I fold the paper in quarters and flip it around as needed.

The notes I do need to keep are in my notebook on my desk. Each day I write things down that I need to remember - kids schedules, phone messages, calls to make, calls to return, messages from work, school. I need a central place to keep these things. Because it's in one place I can reference things too. At the top corner is the current date. Then I list things on the lines. As they get accomplished, I put a diagnal line through the first part of the line. That way I know it's been taken care of, but I can still read the line if I need to. At the beginning of each day I check back over previous day. If something doesen't have that mark through it, I carry it over on the current date and put a line on over it on the old date. If my day ends in the middle of the page, that's where I start the next day. I'd never leave 1/2 a page empty LOL Sometimes I highlight. Sometimes I scribble on the sides. It's a running list of... stuff! I always know I have paper/pen while on the phone. I know where to find information. It's a good feeling to see all those things marked off at the end of the day.

What frugal thing have you done today? Do you have a paper system to share?

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