Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happenings *updated*

Friday I was off. WOOOHOOO. First stop, Berina store in town. EGADS! Have you ever looked at the prices??? I learned a lot, met new friends, and will be headed back for fabric. She has the BEST stuff. I wish I had known what amounts I needed. Oh well. I have enough fabric now and really need to use it up.

After that, it was time to get to the grocery store. Coupon binder in hand, I was off and running. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making my list according to the isles. I know it sounds anal, but there is usually no backtracking (If I stick strickly to my list). I was in the dairy section when a woman toting a binder stopped and looked at me. She walks over to me and asked where I picked up my baseball card dividers, and then tells me she really needs to get her coupons organized. We chatted a moment about always taking your binder in so you don't miss sales and then she says, "I read on the internet to lay out your coupons like the store isles and your coupons too. That way you don't miss anything." HAHHA See! I wasn't being anal, I was being effecient. We parted ways but I so wanted to give her my number and tell her if she had any questions to call me - heck, even if we formed a coupon swap it would be nice. I could tell she was just getting started and was excited about it. Maybe I'll see her again. I do know more and more people are wising up to coupons.

Then I lugged everything home, unloaded the bags onto the kitchen floor, put the cold stuff away and dashed to get Sarah. It is raining and cold and I don't want to do much. We all took naps yesterday afternoon. Then we lounged around the rest of the night. Felt good just to relax.

Now I have to put away the rest of the groceries - I know, I know! But I was just too tired yesterday. Off to make my day productive.

*Once again, it's chilly/cold/damp/rainy here in the South. Two days ago we were sporting shorts. Now? You better bring a jacket. And an umbrella. Blah!

Hubby installed our fan that goes on the wood burning stove. That thing WORKS. I was sewing in the dining room and got really hot. LOL And it wasn't from the iron. I'm glad it works way better than we expected.


Melanie said...

Oh yes I too always make my list in order according to the sections of the store. It just makes it so much easier and faster! Plus I probably make less impluse purchases since I'm not wandering around the store.

Sheri said...

Mrs Rachel, anal?? nah- she is just Mrs. Rachel. Who was it that says- she just wants what she wants?