Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I totally ROCKED my purse

I finally bit the bullet and made my purse, and it rocks, magnetic closure and all. I decided to make the purse like the pattern and then see if I wanted to make any changes on the next purse. I'm glad now that I didn't put pockets in it. It would have weighed it down in an awkward way. I made a box bottom and then went back and added a seam to help it stand up. Medium interfacing gives it enough stability, but it's not stiff like cardboard.

The pattern? It was free in a book I checked out at the public library. No pattern really, they just tell you the dimensions to cut and then outlined the steps. My wonderful husband made a cardboard pattern to keep for future reference. I copied the steps on the printer and put them in page protectors in my sewing binder to keep them safe and sound. Most of my patterns are freebies. And the internet has wonderful free patterns too, along with awesome tutorials on making things.

I loved this material the moment I saw it. It's thicker than cotton, feels like denim but it's not as thick. Best part, it was in the clearance bin. I'm about to make the matching wonder wallet and a purse tissue holder. I already made the zippered bag that matches.


Jennifer said...

Wow! Looks GREAT! You really should set up shop and make sets to sell. I'd buy one! Oh how I wish I could sew.

Anne-Marie said...

You made that?! Wow, you are talented!

Melanie said...

That is so cute! I like it.

Kelly said...

Very, very cute! I love it!