Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mini snag & CVS Value Book

Work was slow so I planned my Walgreen and CVS trips for when I dropped Daniel off at work. We pay 9% State tax and 5% city tax. I may not get my stuff as cheap as others, but it's as cheap as I can get it around here.

Sarah needed a new hamper and they are on sale 2/5.00!
Colgate was .99 using Easy Saver.
Cadbury eggs were 2.00 each after Easy Saver - I am building up my Easter candy.
Bowl fresh were .50 each using Wag Coupon
3 Orbit gum - already snagged up by Sarah - .66 each with Easy Saver

Total paid 11.54
Savings 8.35

I made 2 transactions. The first one used everything that had an Extra Buck return. Then I did another transaction so I could use those bucks on my next purchase. I have a bad habit of not returning in time to use them. Now I use them up before leaving the store.
Total paid: 9.13
Savings: 19.31
** The CVS Flyer does not show that the Herbal Essence Shampoo/condition that is on sale for 2.88 will give you a 1.00 Extra Buck for each one you buy. I had a coupon for 2, so I bought them and then noticed that I got a 2.00 Extra Buck. Whoo hooo! There was a booklet by the CVS flyers when I walked in the store called Extra Value Book. It lists things that will generate ECBs. The shampoo is limit 5 per household with card. Check out the book to see what else you could be saving on.

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Leila said...

You should run for office on a "no taxes on the poor" platform.

I am outraged every time you mention it!!

Anyway, don't you LOVE Cadbury mini eggs?