Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday Happenings

Today was Sarah's last basketball game - and they skunked em! Yeah, Sarah! And she made a basket :) AND they got medals for participating.

Sarah goes to a very small school. They have no football team, so basketball is everything!! From elementary on up you can join the "Fun Team". They do not play other schools. They divide the girls up each game and that's the team you play on that day. So, it's really practicing until they get to High School where they can try out for the official team. It's no pressure, all in fun, being with your friends kind of games. yes, the girls take it very seriously, and some of the parents. But it's just playing for fun. They all had a great time. Sarah is undecided if she wants to try out for the High School team. We shall see. She's the tallest one out there. The coaches want her to play.

I really want to go get some fabric. Can you tell I'm a bit addicted to sewing now? My friend Amanda said I am going to have pouches/bags/totes/purses/wallets out the whazoo soon. And she's right. I'd like to build up a little stash to keep on hand. Who wouldn't love a little zippered pouch with a present?? I am thinking end of the year presents for the teachers, their friends, etc. I am also thinking of making some for Cmas this year. I have plenty of time and can pace myself.

I was telling my sister about making the pouches and she wants to come over tomorrow and sew. I'm so excited. Something else for us to share. Being 6 yrs apart, we always seem to be in different stages of life with marriage and kids. Cooking and sewing seems to give us more in common. I'm hoping she will love it as much as I do.

Time to get moving. I have a wedding shower to attend.


Kelly said...

I need to find some fabric too. I decided I am making my Easter dress this year. I can't find one I like, and I found a pattern I like, so now I just need to shop for fabric.

Sheri said...

What School is Sarah going to- I need to find a new school for Taylor.