Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sewing and shopping

Sewing - I made Sarah a zippered pouch last night. Really cute. I was able to use up the very ugly blue zipper - it match perfectly with the material she chose and it's no longer ugly. Funny how that works.

I finally cut out my material for my purse. I know, I know. Sew the damned thing already. I figured out what my problem is. I do not want to fail. So, I don't start! That way I cannot fail. I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes it really is annoying. I am getting better. Knowing why I keep self-sabotaging myself is half the battle.

Sarah and I hit the library. She surfed the internet while I clipped coupons and made my grocery list. I do not allow them on my computer since getting a virus. It's my work computer and I cannot take that chance that they mess it up. She doesn't mind using the computer at the library. It gets us out of the house, we sometimes get books, and I get to spend some time clipping coupons.

We ventured to Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger. I read a blog where the woman posts her steals with a picture. The visual really helps. Unfortunately, my haul is just waaay too big for pictures. I don't go just for the deals, I go for the weekly shopping.

My shopping total is HIGH already and it's the first day of March. Egads! I'm supposed to be saving money. And I am. I was just about out of specific items and lo and behold this week had some great sales!

Tylenol - extended release tablets
Excedrine Migraine.
Dish soap.
Laundry soap.
Dryer sheets.
Toothpaste - free at Walgreens!!
Epsom salt.

Sarah likes coming shopping with me and I love having her there. I know she is learning so much about price comparisons, sales, coupons, menu planning, etc.

My haul went like this:
Walgreens - 20.00 - tide, splenda, paper plates (3), epsom salt, excidrine, tylenol, dawn dishsoap, toothpaste (free), Band-Aids, qtips. Even the cashier said it was a great savings. I did my RRs first and then used the 4.50 off for my other stuff.

CVS- 82.00! Two 42 ct Prilosec!!, 3 pkg pads, 16 ct batteries, 8-pk bounty, 9-pk charmin (free), 3 dawn dish soap, bounce dryer sheets, deoderant. I got 3.00 extra care bucks and a 10.00 off 30.00. Must use in the next 3 days!!! Blah!

Kroger - Groceries! 225.00 - 57.00 savings = 168.00!!!

While the total of the three stores seems like a lot, I'm pretty stocked up on items. I'd rather buy them on sale ahead of time instead of full price when I need them. Every little bit of savings helps.

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